10 Ways to Beat Winter Boredom

Cold winters and early sunsets can exacerbate depression (did you know that SAD is a real type of depression? It stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. #themoreyouknow) or even just a feeling of gloom and fatigue for many people. The fact that it starts to get dark by 4:30 PM makes me feel like my entire day is gone, like I can’t do anything more until the next morning. So, I’ve listed below some things that I’ve founded helpful in beating those feelings as the weather starts to change!

10. Organizing. I actually rearranged my entire room layout last week, just to pass the time! And in doing so I realized how much extra stuff I have in my room to be given away, repurposed, or sold. There was so much extra, in fact, that I’m actually still working on getting the whole thing cleaned. 😮

9. Shopping. I don’t typically like to shop, but the holiday deals are just too good right now. Even though I’m tempted to stay in the house to avoid the colder weather, my sister and I like to drive around and check out the offers at our favorite spots. While I’m not one for clothes hauls, I can get loads of crafting materials for pretty cheap right now! Which leads me to…

8. Crafts. Check out some of my favorite Pinterest DIYs!

7. Movies. I’m currently obsessed with Nerve and the Now You See Me movies. Must be a Dave Franco thing.

6. Games with Family. Sometimes the darkness outside makes me feel like I’m trapped at home, like I should turn in for the night as soon as the sun sets. And, okay, most of my time at home is spent helping my little brother with his homework. But even helping him is a way for me to bond with my family and spend some quality time hanging out with them. And, when we get time, we’re sure to throw in some board games too!

5. Baking. I’m a fan of smores bars, myself, in case anyone wanted to bring me some. 😉

4. Morning walks. Best way to beat the early nights? Utilize your early mornings! You don’t even have to leave your home. Open up the curtains and blinds and let the morning light in as you work, clean, or get in a little extra rest time.

3. Reading. I haven’t read for pleasure in a while, so I’m taking some time to get back into some unfinished books while also picking up some new releases! Check out my favorite winter and rainy day reads on my Goodreads shelf.

2. Blogging/Journalling. A perfect task for any time of day! I even wrote a post about writing posts. Here are some of my favorite journals to get you started.

1. Prayer. Time always seems to slows down when I pray. It’s my favorite quick way to a calmer heart.

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