24 at 24

A friend suggested that I write about the 24 things I have learned by the age of 24, but let’s be honest, I just don’t have that sort of wisdom. Instead, I thought I’d play it natural and write those things that I *Kylie Jenner voice* have realized about myself. AKA, this post is interesting to no one but me, but that’s a-okay:

  1. I don’t actually like to write posts about myself and hate when friends read my writing
  2. Words related to pregnancy, including the word pregnancy, make me squirm
  3. I want, badly, to skydive and I will never bungee jump
  4. I start to feel physically sick if I sit at the end of a row in a movie, and if I sit anywhere other the inside of a row in a restaurant booth
  5. The “tiny foods made in tiny kitchens” videos make me uncomfortable and bored
  6. I am left-footed
  7. My bucket list consists almost entirely of the names of celebrities I want to meet, but would never approach if we ended up in the same place (Josh Hutcherson, if you see this, feel free to make the first move)
  8. In the 3rd grade, my English teacher told me she would be first in line when I published my first book, and I have been trying to come up with ideas for one ever since
  9. I enjoy coming up with catchy book and blog post titles in my head- I think I get this from my dad
  10. Parents used to tell me what a great basketball player I was, but looking back, I think I was just a tiny bit less awful than my teammates
  11. I don’t like to practice dancing, so I choreograph and practice in my head instead
  12. I have choreographed groomsmen dances for two of my friends’ weddings, both successfully remaining a surprise until the moment of
  13. I once gave up pizza, soda, and desserts for a year and now those things are all that I crave
  14. I have a love-hate relationship with yoga, which is good, because after my first and only power yoga class 3 years ago, it was all hate
  15. Every few months I promise myself that I will journal regularly but the practice has never stuck
  16. I wish I could free-style rap and have great respect for those who can
  17. I Google EVERYTHING and would have to leave the planet if my search history ever got out
  18. That includes popular song lyrics, because I don’t listen to music and am constantly out of the loop
  19. I don’t like mystery novels
  20. My phone is a natural extension of my arm. If I don’t text you back, I’m probably ignoring you. Or napping
  21. I am very self-conscious of my feet. In high school my friends knew this, and someone once anonymously messaged me to tell me that they have been taking pictures of my feet and that they are beautiful. Creepy, but much appreciated
  22. I’m a Leo by birth and loud-mouth by choice
  23. Up until about a month ago, I could- and did- brag about how I had never been pulled over by a cop. Still no ticket, though
  24. I love (solo) long drives

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