The Hardest Test

I’ve been brought up to understand that everything in life is a test. Both the good and the bad. The bad is, of course, difficult to deal with in patience and gratitude, but I think a lot of this past year has been about that. What I’m starting to notice is that I might have neglected my training in how to deal with the positives. I am grateful, sure, but is that enough?

I just got done listening to a story about the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) through which it was conveyed that he used to pray so much in the night that his feet would swell. It’s not a requirement to do so, but it makes me wonder why it’s SO difficult to even get out of bed and complete the obligatory pre-dawn prayer, let alone extra 3 AM worship. This shows me that I’ve got a lot of progress to make and that even as I become more firm in my faith, it’s going to take a lot of work to stay there.

A person’s level of involvement, both spiritual and overt, in their faith ebbs and flows. That’s cool, as long as I promise myself to renew my intentions for each and every day and to begin every day with a goal of self-improvement.

It’s easy to cry in prayer when you’re sad. It’s easy to spend more time kneeling in front of God, begging for His help, when you feel you need it most. It makes sense to thumb through spiritual text, looking for answers you haven’t elsewhere found. It’s not so intuitive to do the same when things are going well.

But it can be.

And it all starts with two things: intention + effort. Tomorrow’s a new day, but I’m starting it now.


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