Thank You Notes to My Friends in Indiana

Come visit me at PT school!

  1. Thank you for being honest with me, and for being brave enough to do so when I hurt you.
  2. Thank you for getting me an “It’s Going to Be Okay” card instead of a birthday card, because you knew that was what I needed most in that moment.
  3. Thank you for being a leader when I couldn’t, and for never saying no even when I had to.
  4. Thank you for asking how I was doing every. single. day. and for putting time into each conversation, even when there was nothing to be said.
  5. Thank you for always taking my side, even when we both knew I was wrong.
  6. Thank you for screenshotting all of our selfies and making me feel like I was loved…and maybe even had my make-up on point those days.
  7. Thank you for getting me ice cream and having me over to play pool when we first became friends, as if we’d been friends for years.
  8. Thank you for challenging the things I say and for never letting me get away with saying something dumb.
  9. Thank you for looking up to me and motivating me to be the best role model I could be.
  10. Thank you for being so genuine and real, no matter what the circumstance.
  11. Thank you for making your home everyone’s home and for always being so welcoming and kind.
  12. Thank you for sharing in my love of coffee and for teaching me something new every time we were together.
  13. Thank you for never being afraid to be sarcastic with me, even when we were first getting to know each other.
  14. Thank you for making time for me out of your uber busy schedule and for being so supportive and positive every time you did.
  15. Thank you for opening up to me about your struggles to help me feel less alone.
  16. Thank you for showing as much kindness to my parents as you always do to me.
  17. Thank you for saying yes anytime anyone needed help and doing so with a smile.
  18. Thank you for telling me that my mental health struggles didn’t make you uncomfortable…I believe you.
  19. Thank you for laughing at all of my corny jokes, even the ones I stole off the internet.
  20. Thank you for being willing to give your time and cooking skills to every get-together.
  21. Thank you for becoming my family.

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