Exams with Ed

trigger warning: eating disorders

10 more pounds. 

I like the moment arm method more, and I know we can use that to find the torques. But can I use it for the joint reaction for-

Remember when you lost all that weight and you thought you could maintain it? That was a joke. 

Cosine of 30 is…wait, no, wrong angle. This can’t be righ-

You’ll never get back to the way you were.

I should really email my professor back after this, I’ve been meaning to do that for forever. Shoot, did I ever email the pre-PT students back from last week? They needed my help with their essays.

It’s your fault if your siblings don’t do well in school. If they get hurt. If they’re unhappy. You left your family behind for your degree. 

If the tibia externally rotates during knee extension, but the femur internally rotates, how does that equal overall external rotation?

There’s no way he’s texting you back. I mean, look at you. 

1 minute left. Think, Yusra. Do the hamstrings flex the knee or not?

What if your friends have hated you all along, but they feel guilty ditching you because of your “mental health issues.” 

My head hurts.

Don’t eat dinner. 

I think my vision is blurring.

Why did you eat breakfast? 

This hoodie is kind of itchy.


I think I have time to ask about patellar tracking, I can’t tell if I’m supposed to consider its motion as a whole or at a certain point in time.


Time’s up.



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