Friends for Life

Islam simply amazes me. There are teachings for every situation you could possibly encounter- many that I never realized I would.

My favorite teaching is one about friendships. I remember the day when my father told me that our souls existed before we came down to earth, and that we had friends even during that time. Some souls were drawn to each other more than others, and others tended to avoid each other. The people you got along with before this life are the ones you will naturally form friendships with here, on earth, and vice versa.

I’ve been blessed to find people that I click with instantly. I don’t understand how or why this happens, but I’m so glad that it does. And I feel so grateful and humbled when they say that they feel the same. There are those I’ve known for decades but with whom I never quite formed a close bond, but then there are others who I have known less than a year and pray constantly that God never takes them from me.

Some of my friendships have had to end. Two were painful, and the others have simply faded over time. When it becomes difficult to accept that someone is no longer a part of my journey, Islam is there for comfort. It reminds me that maybe those friendships were never meant to last; for reasons that God knows better than I, the friendship was meant to be temporary.

It’s a simple concept, but it never ceases to blow my mind. Allah’s plans are really so all-encompassing and transcend any notion we might have of time or space. We meet people in places we never dreamed we would end up (looking at you, Indiana) and find ourselves in friendships where we feel like we’ve been waiting for it our entire lives.

And maybe that’s because- we have.

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