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What You Can Expect from The DPT Diaries

I have two goals with this blog:

1. to provide tips, guidance, and advice to prospective college and graduate school students and

2. to create an open dialogue about mental illness and its impact on a person’s daily living.

I promise to document an honest tackling of mental health issues as I personally pursue a doctorate degree in physical therapy. I want to show how issues of mental health, most noticeably depression and anxiety, are so relevant in my pursuit of a career in PT.

I have long had a passion for learning about and advocating for mental health. Mental illness and the stigma that precedes it are huge issues in our nation currently, and it is something that has truly affected my life. I initially started this site as an outlet for myself; I was never one for journal entries. Through blogging, I have found a way to express my ideas regarding overall health and wellness and to create an online community of students interested in physical therapy and other health professions.

As I pursue a higher education in physical therapy and learn to manage the beautiful struggle that is my mental health along the way, I’m excited to share this journey with you all. I hope that you’ll find my posts insightful, motivational, and, like my coffee, filled to the brim with my sarcastic sense of humor.

TLDR; You are awesome, you look great, and I am so happy to have you here!